$2.6 million New Mexico Verdict Affirmed

$2.6 million New Mexico Verdict Affirmed

The United States District Court for the District of New Mexico issued its 10-page opinion affirming a $2.619 million dollar jury verdict in favor of Domina Law Group pc llo's New Mexico dairy farmer client during the first week in October.

The Court's extended Order summarized relevant evidence, reviewed the facts, and concluded that the jury's findings on liability and damages were appropriate.

Before trial, Domina Law Group pc llo's client settled for an undisclosed sum with another Defendant.

At trial, the Plaintiff's testimony was sufficient to establish fault, and make an appropriate recovery of damages in the substantial amount returned by the jury.

"The outcome will be of enormous help as our New Mexico client strives to re-establish its dairy business," said Dave Domina. Domina expressed his gratitude for the "outstanding efforts of James Cann of Domina Law Group pc llo and Felicia Weingartner of the Aguilar Law Firm, Albuquerque, New Mexico, "for outstanding representation before and after trial, and for work that made my efforts at trial possible."

October 7, 2005
David A. Domina

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