DLGpc Pursuit of United Producers, Inc. Continues

DLGpc Pursuit of United Producers, Inc. Continues

Domina Law Group pc llo won two federal verdicts against Columbus OH based United Producers, Inc., totaling more than $18.3 million dollars. The jury's found wrongful conduct by UPI officials involving its home office in the first case, and active fraud in the second.

In late March 2005, United Producers filed bankruptcy in Ohio. At a May 27 hearing in Columbus, David Domina challenged the company to put forth a plan to satisfy the judgments. When asked to describe the underlying lawsuits to the Court, Domina explained the home-office based wrongdoing, and jury findings. Domina told the court his clients offered settlement terms to keep UPI out of bankruptcy but the proposals were responded to with a proposal for "about 5%" of the balance.

Now, UPI must put up or fold. Its reorganization plan is due by July 5, 2005. Domina's clients have repeatedly expressed concern that UPI is poorly managed and has expressed doubts about the ability of the current management group to lead the company out of bankruptcy and into quality service for its farm customers.

Post Trial Motions Filed in New Mexico Dairy Case

Westfalia Surge drew sharp responses from James Cann, Dave Domina and Albuquerque attorney Felicia Weingartner as Domina Law Group pc llo and the Aguilar Law Firm defended the jury's verdict and judgment entered against the behemoth milking equipment manufacturer after a lengthy trial in U S District Court in Albuquerque. Post trial briefs were filed during the last week of May. The briefs recap Mariposa Farms' case and claims the milking machine spread mastitis, and specifically staph aureus infection because it did not perform property.

"We build a strong trial record, and fully expect to collect the judgment for the Skelley family", Dave Domina said. Cann and Weingartner, and with Domina, handled the extensive pretrial discovery and motions practice before the trial. Domina and Weingartner tried. the case. The jury found Mariposa's losses totaled more than $8.7 million. Westfalia never made a settlement offer in the case until a nominal one was made just before closing arguments were given.

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