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New Publications by Domina Law Group


DOMINALAW pc is pleased to announce that a scholarly, peer reviewed economics journal has published the invited paper of David A. Domina. The publication is Domina, Proving Anti-Competitive Conduct in a U.S. Courtroom: The Plaintiffs’ Argument in Pickett v. Tyson Fresh Meats, Inc. to Journal of Agricultural Food and Industrial Organization No. 180 (2004). Click here to read the article

DOMINALAW pc is also pleased to announce the Voir Dire Magazine, voted one of the fifty best industry publications in America, and the official publication of the prestigious American Board of Trial Advocates, has published an article by David A. Domina in its Fall Autumn 2004 issue.
ABOTA’s magazine features Domina’s “ Julia is a Federal Juror” as the Fall volume’s lead article.

The American Board of Trial Advocates is an invitation-only organization of highly skilled and substantially experienced trial lawyers. Domina, who holds that rank of diplomat, the highest membership rank within ABOTA, is among the organizations and the nation’s most experienced trial lawyers.

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