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Attorney Adam Sipple’s Suit Against City of Bellevue Profiled by WOWT 6 News

Attorney Adam Sipple’s Suit Against City of Bellevue Profiled by WOWT 6 News

The story of a local businessman who successfully took on the City of Bellevue over a demolition lien was recently profiled on WOWT 6 News.

As reported by WOWT, Domina Law Group Attorney Adam Sipple represented businessman Pat Shannon in a civil suit against the City that began when heavy rains washed away part of a strip mall owned by Shannon. Following a protracted dispute between Shannon and a neighbor over responsibility for flood damage, the city took action to tear down the building and place a lien on the property for the demolition cost of roughly $25,000.

Shannon then turned to Sipple to file suit against the city over claims that it overbilled him by failing to remove footings and failing to cut a section of slab that put the usable section of the property in jeopardy. As Sipple told WOWT:

“The manner in which this demolition was completed left Mr. Shannon worse off, far worse off than the manner that was approved by the city council.”

Ultimately, the District Court Judge ruled in favor of Mr. Shannon, noting that no reasonable person would have contracted work performed in the manner orchestrated by the city, and ordered the city’s bill to be cut by more than $15,000. Shannon has since paid the reduced demolition bill and plans to rebuild a new strip mall on the site.

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