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Domina Law Group Requests That Dodge County Considers Opiate Lawsuit


David Domina sent the Dodge County Board of Supervisors a letter asking the county to consider adding their name to the growing lawsuit against the pharmaceutical industry over its role in contributing to and facilitating the opioid epidemic.

Listen to Dave Domina’s interview about the opioid crisis with KIOS here.

The Domina Law Group is currently representing Knox County and the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska in their lawsuits against 25 defendants in the pharmaceutical industry.

"The United States faces a public health crisis arising from the profligate manufacturing, distribution, permissive and knowing diversion, and abuse of opioids and opioid medications. An opioid addiction epidemic has resulted," Domina said after filing those lawsuits.

In the letter sent to the Board of Supervisors, Domina encouraged counties throughout the state to act independently in order to ensure they receive proper treatment in the settlement. He expressed concern that counties that do not file suit are at the mercy of the State Legislature’s decision of what to do with the settlement money.

The Domina Law Group was invited to give a presentation on the necessity of filing a lawsuit to the Board of Supervisors. Oliver Glass, an attorney for Dodge County, commented to the Fremont Tribune that the county needs to conduct more research into what the Attorney General plans to do in regards to a potential lawsuit.

Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson, along with numerous other attorney generals throughout the United States are putting together a multi-state investigation in response to the opioid epidemic. Approximately two million people in the nation were dependent on or abused prescription painkillers in 2014, and medical experts believe that this number is only growing. This epidemic claimed an estimated 15,000 lives that year, and tens of thousands continue to fall victim to opiates as the situation becomes worse.

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