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Drowsy Driving: Why Truck Drivers Are So Fatigued


TruckOne of the more common causes of serious truck accidents is drowsy driving. Far too often, truck drivers are so tired that they either fall asleep at the wheel or lose concentration, resulting in losing control of their truck. Unfortunately, any other vehicle on the road faces the risk of danger when this type of situation happens.

This is worrisome, but it makes you wonder: why are truck drivers so fatigued?

Truck drivers are supposed to follow various regulations that help them remain alert at the wheel and keep themselves and others safe. One of the regulations they must follow is the Hours of Service rules. These prohibit a truck driver from driving more than a certain number of hours in a single day, as well as limits the amount of hours of operation over the course of the week.

These rules are designed to make sure truck drivers have enough rest in between shifts so they are not tired while driving.

Because trucking companies often stress tight deadlines, truck drivers often go over the number of hours they are allowed to drive to ensure the cargo makes it to its destination on time. This means that the truck driver is also failing to properly log their hours of operation or falsifying the information they input.

If a truck driver operates their vehicle while tired, it can result in a serious collision, as well as catastrophic injuries. Any person injured by this kind of negligence has a right to seek compensation for damages sustained.

At Domina Law Group, our Nebraska truck accident attorneys understand this is a difficult time for you. It may be tough to determine exactly who is to blame for the accident. You may also need to pay expensive medical bills or suffer lost wages from being unable to work. This is where our firm comes in to help. We stand by your side to hold the negligent party or parties accountable and help you obtain justice. If you or someone you love has been injured by a fatigued truck driver, call us today.

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