Horrific Truck Collision, Ensuing Death, Results In Resolution

Horrific Truck Collision, Ensuing Death, Results In Resolution

Kent Croghan’s life was shattered when the semi-trailer truck his wife was driving found its path suddenly blocked by another truck of equal size. The other driver simply blew through an intersection.

Sharon Croghan, age 48, had no options. The trucks collided. Sharon was killed. Survivors included her husband, Kent, two adult sons, and at the time she was killed, one grandchild.

Bassett, situated in Nebraska’s north-central sandhills, misses Sharon. She was an integral part of the community. Kent contacted David Domina of Domina Law Group. A thorough investigation led to suit against the driver, Albrecht & Sons Trucking Co. The case was filed at US District Court in Omaha.

After a comprehensive investigation, including an extensive economic workup, the defense asked that settlement mediation be scheduled. After careful thought and thorough preparation, Mr. Croghan and Domina agreed.

At mediation, a compelling presentation of Sharon’s life, her family’s loss, and the consequences of her death were presented. After extended discussions, settlement terms were reached. Kent, who can never have back any part of what he lost when his dear wife was killed, found himself confronted with the tragic circumstance of choosing to accept or reject a large financial proposal negotiated by his counsel or proceed to trial. After extended consultation, Mr. Croghan chose to accept settlement terms that exceeded his expectations and those of his attorneys.

“I am so thankful for all of you did for my family,” Kent commented to David Domina and James Cann at the end of mediation. Mr. Croghan’s settlement, for a total of modestly less than a $1,000,000 to be paid to him, brings the stalled part of the Croghan family’s grieving over Sharon’s death to an end. “Now, Kent, his sons and grandchild can move to the next level of their grief, know that Kent’s future is secure, and be assured that the result achieved for them was just.” Domina concluded, “Representing Mr. Croghan and his family was a privilege that we cherish.”