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Nebraskans Still Refuse to Accept TransCanada's Checks


"I think we do have hope in sticking together."

Nebraska landowners are among the final TransCanada holdouts. They are refusing to sign easement agreements that would allow the Keystone XL pipeline on their property, no matter how much money TransCanada offers.

With a united front, many Nebraskans hope to leverage the situation in their favor- a pipeline that doesn't put their water supply at-risk.

The U.S. State Department is currently reviewing the project. They must review every project that crosses an international border. After the State Department issues their environmental report, other federal agencies are poised to comment on whether the pipeline is in the national interest. President Obama has not yet approved the pipeline, and says he never will if research indicates it will increase CO2 emissions.

According to Jane Kleeb, executive director of Bold Nebraska, landowners will not negotiate until President Obama signs off on KXL.

While KXL has been awaiting presidential approval, Nebraskans have also managed to stall the project by way of a Constitutional Challenge. Dave Domina represents the landowners in a challenge to a bill that gave Governor Dave Heineman authority to approve the new route.

"Whoever loses is likely to appeal to the state Supreme Court, potentially leaving the alignment in flux," said Dave Domina.

For the full story, visit Nebraskans Resist Keystone Spurning TransCanada's Checks.

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