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An Evaluation of Nebraska's Impeachment Standard

An Evaluation of Nebraska's Impeachment Standard

State impeachments, while different than Federal impeachments, usually operate by the same procedures. According to the Nebraska Constitution, the state's legislature alone has the power to impeach, but to do so, they must gain the majority of state senator approval votes. When the legislature votes to impeach, this is separate from trying the charges the impeachment was based on. This duty falls to the Nebraska Supreme Court.

In order for a person to be convicted by the Nebraska Supreme Court, at least two-thirds of the judiciary must agree. The Nebraska Constitution is similar to the U.S. Constitution in that, in order from someone to be removed from office permanently, they only have to be found guilty on any one of the charges brought against them. As was the case with former Nebraska Attorney General Paul Douglas, those facing impeachment who are also held to the Nebraska Code of Professional Responsibility may also undergo disciplinary review.

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