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Citizens' Lawsuit Could Stop TransCanada's Nebraska Pipeline

Citizens' Lawsuit Could Stop TransCanada's Nebraska Pipeline

After nearly $1 billion expended, TransCanada has successfully lobbied Nebraska legislators to pass laws that would give almost exclusive power to the governor to approve the company's pipeline route directly through the state. Citizens opposed to the pipeline are represented by Brian Jorde of Domina Law Group pc llo. They filed a lawsuit in 2011 that, if passed, could completely change the route of the Keystone XL pipeline. Many of these Nebraskans are concerned that the pipeline violates their property rights, and that TransCanada is wrongfully invoking eminent domain. In order to use eminent domain to lay the pipeline through Nebraska, TransCanada will have to prove that the project is overall beneficial to the citizens of the state. TransCanada claims the pipeline will create new jobs, but Mr. Jorde calls these projections "bogus" and "embarrassing" citing the minimal permanent job creations in Nevada, where the Keystone 1 pipeline was placed.

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