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Judicial Retention: Removing the Target Starts at Home


Attorney David Domina and Carol Domina discuss the issue of the vanishing jury from the United States judicial system and its connection to the judicial retention problem in this Spring 2013 issue of Voir Dire Magazine. Views of morality and government are formulated in the early stages of childhood, and those opinions can only be changed by conscious decision and then repeatedly acting on that change of opinion in the face of opposition. The authors contend that, in the same way, opinion about the Judiciary is formed by each negative or positive experience they, or someone they know, has with it. When trial is avoided and jury verdicts are tampered with, jurors tend to have unfavorable experiences. An increase in unfavorable experiences means fewer advocates for the judicial system and judges. Truthfully, there is immense value to the Judiciary, in fact, participation is key. Read the article in full: Judicial Retention: Removing the Target Starts at Home.

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