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Domina Participates in US Supreme Court Submission


David A Domina joined Washington DC lawyer Howard Shapiro, University of Wisconsin antitrust professor Peter Carstensen, and Cohutta GA lawyer Cindy Johnson, is an effort to redress a wrong to a poultry producer in Tennessee. The filing against Tyson Farms was made January 5th. A copy can be read here.

The Poultry Producer, Tom Terry, seeks Supreme Court review of a Circuit Court decision to refuse enforcement of laws designed to protect the nation's meatproducers unless they can prove that individual actions taken against them one at a time have an adverse effect on the entire market for livestock of their type, all across their marketplace.

"We are asking the Supreme Court to recognize again, and to give verve to the fact that the protective federal statutes are designed to assure that producers are not abused by much larger, and more powerful packers and processors," according to Domina, a co-author of the Brief.

December 30, 2010

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