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Domina Law Group pc llo Announces Investigation of Beatrice State Developmental Center Actions


Contact by a group of family members whose loved ones lived Beatrice State Developmental Center has touched off an investigation by Domina Law Group pc llo," Dave Domina said. This work led to the filing of a civil law suit against top Nebraska officials, including Governor Dave Heineman. The federal suit alleges violations of housing law rights and improper action under color of state law infringing on well established legal rights of six (6) profoundly retarded persons.

Since the suit was filed, Domina Law Group pc llo "continues with our active investigation". Domina added, "Nebraska's one-time show case mental retardation care facility was allowed to deteriorate so badly that a rare suit was filed by the U S Department of Justice against the Governor and others, including persons our clients were forced to sue." The lawsuit seeks a money judgment for the significant disruption in the lives of the State's "most profoundly impaired citizens."

The investigation "may go beyond the current limits of the litigation". Domina said he expects his Firm's efforts "to provide corrective impetus while seeking care for the most needy, and most imposed upon by officials who chose expedience over respect."

Persons with information or events about the Beatrice State Developmental Center and events related to its deterioration, and removal of residence during the first half of 2009 are urged to contact:

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