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Domina Law Group pc llo Wins Major USDA Case


The US Department of Agriculture National Appeals Office ruled soundly for Domina Law Group pc llo's Northwest Iowa farmer in a major case. The decision was issued November 23.

Iowa's State Committee ruled that a Mapleton IA area farmer would be denied all farm program benefits because he allegedly failed to comply, or make good faith compliance efforts, with USDA Highly Erodible Lans ("HEL") regulations.

But evidence from many witnesses, strong expert testimony, and careful dissection of USDA records, led the Agency's National Appeals Office to conclude Domina Law Group pc llo's case "met the burden" of required proof. The Ruling held Domina Law Group pc llo's extensive case proved Iowa authorities ruled incorrectly against the large farmer and used incorrect data, measurements, and follow-up to support the decision reversed on appeal.

"Our client was emotional, and thrilled to learn his nightmare is over" David Domina said. Domina, and Michael Stumo, handled case preparation and trial for the farmer. "We were pleased to be able to help with this important legal issue", Domina said. Stumo said he expect to co author a publication on the Highly Erodable Lands issues. "Lawyers in our practice expect to see more USDA agency litigation", Domina and Stumo said.

October, 2007

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