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David Domina Gives Cattlemen Direction


Independent Cattlemen from all over the state of Nebraska were thrilled to hear from Mr. David Domina as the keynote speaker following the Convention banquet. Domina is best known in cattle country for being the lead attorney in the Pickett v Tyson/IBP Federal lawsuit which challenged the meat packers’ captive supply marketing strategies under the P & S Act of 1921, winning the jury verdict in favor of his plaintiffs, the independent American Cattlemen.

In presenting his message to “Stay Focused” he displayed his passion for the freedoms we all should defend while not being side-tracked by issues that cannot and should not be decided in a political arena. Using examples of abortion and gay marriage, packer ownership and market manipulation, wars and famine, free trade v fair trade; he was more a political science professor than a nationally known litigator, as he polled the crowd of members on their beliefs and needs. In craftily showing us that we are commonly distracted by issues that cunning politicians use to get votes he brought out the only hope that we truly have to regain and keep our independence. We must vote with our minds, not our hearts. We must vote for the candidate that shows us integrity, honesty and commitment for the constituents he/she represents. We must know that who we are voting for will take a stand for our future, be bipartisan in those efforts and not show interest in political advancement for personal gain. We must stay alert and fight for what is ours.

Domina has shown his support for the independence of Cattlemen in this country by defending our rights in many arenas throughout his lengthy career. We should take heed of his warning that if we don’t stay focused on the issues that directly affect our livelihoods, take action with a forceful voice in the legislative halls and voting booths, join and support the grassroots groups that are fighting on our behalf, that we will lose the privilege of independence and freedom. Our downfall will be of our own making.

"Liberty lies in the hearts of men and women; when it dies there, no constitution, no law, no court can save it."
~Judge Learned Hand

Independent Cattlemen of Nebraska Newsletter
October, 2007

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