Commercial Litigation-Complex Litigation

Commercial Litigation-Complex Litigation

Centra, Inc. v. Chandler Insurance Co., Ltd., 229 F3d 1162 (10th Cir 2000). See also, National American Ins. Co. v. Centra, Inc., 151 F3d 780 (8th Cir 1998) for related litigation handled by the Firm.

The Pickett opinion can be found at Pickett, et al. v. Tyson Fresh Meats, Inc, 420 F3d 1272 (11th Cir 2005). See also, Pickett v. IBP, Inc., 149 FedAppx 831 (11th Cir 2005); and Pickett v. IPB, Inc., 197 FRD 510 (MD Ala 2000).

Marcoux v. Van Wyk, 572 F2d 651 (8th Cir 1978) (complex commercial litigation following bank failure).

Becker v. United States, 968 F2d 691 (8th Cir 1992) (complex federal gift tax return litigation with substantial verdict for Plaintiff of more than $3 million).

Walker v. Walker, 854 F Supp 1443 (D Neb 1994) (complex partnership dissolution proceeding).

McIlheran v. Lincoln National Life Ins. Co., 31 F3d 709 (8th Cir 1994) (insurance subrogation issues resolved following complex litigation).

Acme Investments Inc v. Southwest Tracor, Inc., 105 F3d 412 (8th Cir 1997) (complex litigation involving substantial real estate properties).

Williams v. Hopkins, 130 F3d 333 (8th Cir 1997) (pro bono litigation in complex challenge to death penalty by execution).

Ranchers Cattle Action Legal Fund, et al., v. USDA, 415 F3d 1078 (9th Cir 2005) (Messrs. Domina & Stumo, Ms. Stringfield and Domina Law Group pc were selected as counsel for a group of Amici Curiae. The Amici represented by the Firm included, among their memberships, an estimated 50 million American citizens).

West Point Dairy Products v. Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection, et al., 2004 WL 360325 (D Neb 2004) (Memorandum and Order in connection with issues preceding trial, and related claims by an insurer in an attempt to escape coverage under a commercial policy. Following this opinion, the case proceeded to trial and resulted in a successful outcome for the insured).March 2, 2006

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