Domina Law Group pc llo Joins Prestigious INBLF

Domina Law Group pc llo Joins Prestigious INBLF

Domina Law Group pc llo has accepted an invitation to join the prestigious and selective International Network of Boutique Law Firms (INBLF). David Domina has been appointed Nebraska Chapter President.

The INBLF ( is a collection of law firms with specialized, narrowly focused practices across the United States, and around the world. The rapidly growing organization, held in high regard, has commanded the attention of the legal community with its growth.

INBLF's founder, Steve Spielvogel, New York City, has made clear his intention for the organization to accept and approve lawyers with elite credentials, proven skills, and narrowly focused practices, only after extensive research, internal recommendation and peer review, and personal interview.

The INBLF is rapidly becoming an alternative to America's megafirms. Spielvogel explains the organization is now in a position to provide professional services to clients of any size with specialized or generalized needs because it can mobilize talent within the organization from a variety of sources around the country to apply the strongest practice minds to problems clients present.

David Domina was selected Nebraska Chapter Chairman after receiving recommendations for the position from Chapter Chairmen in Pennsylvania and New York, and a review by members elsewhere. A personal interview by Mr. Spielvogel, who traveled to Omaha to meet Domina, resulted in his appointment.

"I am honored by INBLF's appointment, eager about building a chapter in Nebraska and the Midwest, and am genuinely looking forward to the opportunity to provide professional services in conjunction with INBLF's remarkable collection of lawyer members," Domina said.

February 1, 2006
David A. Domina

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