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Electrician Recovers After Fall From Grain Elevator


Domina Law Group pc llo recently helped an injured electrician and his family recover settlement for major disabling injuries suffered in a fall at a Johnson County grain elevator. The electrician was disabled, and eventually put out of business after he fell while working on an elevated platform. His wife and business partner, who handled the bookkeeping and front office responsibilities, lost her only source of income. She now spends her days caring for her husband.

The couple was forced into bankruptcy and retained Tim Himes when their own efforts to negotiate a settlement with the grain company failed. A six-figure settlement was achieved and settlement proceeds were exempted from bankruptcy proceedings, protecting the client’s home from foreclosure and allowing them to retain the full amount of the settlement.

Domina Law Group pc llo's prior experience in workplace injury cases made it possible to quickly identify significant OSHA violations including an unguarded ladder way opening, and a permanently installed ladder without a safety cage. Domina Law Group pc llo retained a workplace safety expert who provided devastating deposition testimony and conclusively determined liability. The grain company was forced to concede that OSHA standards apply as the minimum safety standards at all Nebraska workplaces, and that Nebraska employers and businesses have a non-delegable duty to provide reasonably safe workplaces for both their own employees and independent contractors.

April 09, 2005
Tim Himes

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