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$150,000.00 Jury Verdict for Injured Teen

$150,000.00 Jury Verdict for Injured Teen

Domina Law Grouplawyer, Cletus W. Blakeman, recently attained a $150,000.00 jury verdict for Kenny Dahlkoetter, a young man from Stanton County, Nebraska, in a lawsuit arising from a motor vehicle collision in which he sustained multiple broken bones and other injuries. At the time of the collision, Kenny was driving home along a rural highway when another driver pulled out from an intersecting roadway with a stop sign and collided with Kenny's minivan. The high speed impact totaled the vehicles and Kenny suffered compound fractures to the bones of his right forearm and a complete fracture of his left thigh bone. He now has two plates and 15 screws in his right arm and a 16 inch rod in his left leg.

In defense of the claim, the driver alleged that Kenny was driving at a high rate of speed after sunset without headlights. Although the accident occurred approximately eight minutes after the official time of sunset and Kenny did not have his minivan's headlights on, attorney Clete Blakeman presented witnesses and expert testimony that convinced the jury that there was sufficient light at dusk at the accident site so the defendant should have seen Kenny's vehicle approaching. The jury held the defendant 100% at fault for the accident and awarded Kenny nearly four times more than the defense offered to settle the case before trial.