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Professional Negligence Cases Net Substantial Recoveries for Clients


Domina Law Group's resourceful and delicate efforts in the medical malpractice area have helped two Midwestern families enormously. In both instances, substantial settlement amounts are confidential. But, in both cases, the clients are “very pleased” with the results.

Strategic discovery and careful pre-filing planning, produced evidence that a two-month delay in preparing a surgical record for a central Nebraska man was, in fact, a strong clue of improper care.

Tom Baker, a supervisor at Grand Island, Nebraska’s largest employer, suffered a modestly herniated lumbar disk. A simple discectomy was needed.

A central Nebraska orthopedic surgeon was consulted, and surgery was scheduled. Tom did not do much better after surgery. In fact, he got worse. Infection set in. A visit to the doctor’s office produced a disturbing observation. The doctor seemed lost when he tried to count discs on an x-ray in front of his patient.

Eventually Tom struggled so much he saw another surgeon, who quickly ascertained that the original herniation still existed, and surgery appeared to have been performed above the intended surgical site.

Tom consulted David Domina of Domina Law Group and Steve Dowding of Grand Island. Tom’s lawyers launched an investigation. After digging through records, they confronted the doctor. His lame explanation for the circumstances did not hold water. Tom’s lawyers filed suit.

As the case unfolded, Tom’s original doctor was hard pressed to offer a coherent explanation for the fact that Tom’s original disk herniation remained intact, but health disk tissue above had been impaired.

Finally, shortly before trial, settlement terms were reached. The confidential amount will give Tom, his wife Chris and their four children the start they need at a new life.

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