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10 Reasons To Have Domina Law Group On Your Side

What we do at our firm is different from anything you will see at other law offices. Uninterested in applying a blanket approach to the cases we handle, we instead narrow in on the intricate details of a case. This allows us the best opportunity to find a unique approach that can be used to better your chances of obtaining a positive verdict at trial and increase settlement leverage. Under our representation, a compelling story will be built and told on your behalf, enhanced by the assertive skills and customized approach that we can design for your case.

When you hire our attorneys, our services include:

  1. We Bring Leverage - We don't talk about trial at Domina Law Group pc llo; we try cases. This means we have the leverage of an absolutely unmatched, and unmatchable, resume of real experience, unique and nationally known success, and performance. Your opponent will know, in an instant, you are serious if we are your lawyers!
  2. Practical Experience; Real Results - Unfortunately, associations of trial lawyers have no admission criteria. Anybody can join and call themselves trial lawyers. But not at our law firm! We try cases. And, we have more than 450 verdicts and more than 260 appeals to prove it! This is the important exposed part of the iceberg of our experience. Hundreds of bench trials, thousands of in court hearings and legal briefs… all appear as part of our resume of credentials. Our clients range from the poorest and most oppressed to the people of means with real courtroom needs.
  3. You Pay Only for Results - Domina Law Group pc llo does not charge by the hour for our work. We share risk in contingent and special terms fee arrangements. If contingent fees won't work, we bill based on the subjective value of what we contribute…a sum we talk over and agree upon with our clients as we go. We intend to offer each client unique and specific service; not commodity service. "We are professionals selling unique case by case work; we are not selling No. 2 Yellow Corn!" David Domina often reminds firm personnel and clients of the firm's difference from others with these words. Domina Law Group pc llo is not in the commodity legal work business. Nearly all other lawyers are!
  4. We Handle the Hassle - Few things are more disconcerting than dealing with the paperwork of a serious injury, a death, or a business scam that victimizes an innocent person. Domina Law Group pc llo handles these problems. We take them over and get them resolved, quickly. Our staff: approximately 5 persons per lawyer, is trained to do so aggressively.
  5. Our Reputation Works for You - Recently, a former employee of a large law firm with multiple locations across the country called to ask for Domina Law Group pc llo's representation against his former employer. "During my years with the firm, I observed that the only law firm they ever encountered and worried about was yours. You terrified them!" These words summarize the reputation we strive to build. We are uncompromising on the law, devoted to you as our client, and we will not become part of a system of professionals familiar with one another who sacrifice clients or principles for relationships with one another. Our reputation is toughness and fairness; we are not "good ole boys."
  6. We Take Nothing For Granted - We know the facts rule the outcome in court. Learning to dig out the facts and matching them to the law's proof requirements is hard work. We know how to do it. And we take nothing for granted until it is done!
  7. We Have Proven Our Analytical Judgment - If your case has a flaw, we will tell you as soon as we learn of it…even if this means telling you that the flaw is in you or how you present yourself. We have proven that our ability to teach clients how to present themselves, find fresh, strong witnesses, connect facts to human experience, are all truly unique analytical skills. Certainly, we make mistakes. And we lose. But we never give up; we always give 100% effort, and we are willing to risk losing; there is no other way to win!
  8. We Live Up To Expectations - Our experience, reputation and history in court carry a price: the expectations for our work are always very high. We know we bear this burden of high expectations. So, "every day is a final exam;" this is the Firm's philosophy for our professional work. We live up to expectations, and extend our reputation…every day. We make the courthouse home…. No matter how far it might be from our office. We practice where needed and conduct ourselves with absolute professionalism no matter where we are asked to work.
  9. We Settle Cases Only When Doing So Serves You - We love trial; it is our preferred method to resolve matters. Making this known sometimes leads adversaries to make generous settlement offers. When you decide, after being fully informed, that you want to settle outside court, we help you do so. We handle large and small cases…each with equal zeal. We will try yours unless you choose otherwise.
  10. We Get Results - We have an unmatched record... And we mean it. We challenge any law firm to match our billion and million dollar verdicts, our homicide acquittals, our trial volume, our appeals volume, and the scope of our work in court. We may be located in the center of the country in Nebraska, but we have record verdicts in Alabama, New Mexico, Arizona, Michigan, Nebraska; and we have huge wins in New York, Minnesota, South Dakota, Connecticut, California, and the District of Columbia.

Representation Uniquely Designed for You

Before we accept the representation of any case, we first evaluate it thoroughly. The analysis we make at this time is based on the key components of your case, each element we must prove to win, and analyzing potential evidence to use at trial. Identifying potential witnesses and interviewing them quickly helps preserve testimony and determine strengths and weakness of your case. Combined, these components determine how we will approach the representation of your case, and they are the same components that have aided us in the successes we have acquired up to this point.

At Domina Law Group, we live for a challenge. We are not deterred, nor are we willing to throw in the towel on any case under our representation. Whether it takes months or years to effectively bring your case to a close, we will remain staunchly by your side, always approaching your case with vigor. From beginning to end, the services we employ on your behalf will not falter, as we are equally as invested in successfully settling your case as are you.

Together, we will work toward finding a solution that works for you, so we encourage you to contact our office today to start the legal process with an associate at Domina Law Group.

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