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Brian Jorde Comments on Proposed Carbon Pipeline’s Impact on Indigenous Communities

Carbon Pipeline

Domina Law Managing Attorney Brian Jorde was recently quoted by several media publications about a proposed pipeline project that’s raising concern among indigenous communities and local residents.

As reported by Public Service News, the growing debate centers on a multi-billion dollar project to capture and move carbon so it can be sequestered deep underground. According to Summit Carbon Solutions, the Iowa-based company behind the proposed project, carbon dioxide would be liquified, transported via pipeline through five states, and injected deep underground in North Dakota, where it would be permanently stored.

At a recent forum hosted by the Great Plains Action Society, Jorde and regional tribal leaders discussed concerns harbored by landowners and indigenous communities. In a statement published by Public Service News and KXLG radio, Jorde noted there’s no way of knowing if the captured carbon will move beyond stored boundaries, nor how the project would affect water and other resources.

"How can these companies guarantee that there won't be a catastrophic disaster in the future when they really have no idea what the formations will look like?" Jorde questioned.

Tribal and environmental groups are advocating for residents along the proposed route to be informed, and argued that Summit Carbon is working to quickly convince landowners to agree to easements.

Read the full article featuring Brian Jorde’s comments here.

Brian Jorde and our team at Domina Law have extensive experience litigating high-stakes cases involving environmental law, land disputes, and the rights of indigenous peoples. This includes our work in landmark litigation over the Keystone XL Pipeline and our representation of four Native American tribes in Nebraska in lawsuits against groups responsible for the opioid epidemic. Our attorneys are regularly asked by the media to share their insight on major legal issues nationwide.