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Domina Law's Nelnet Class Action Over Student Loans to Proceed

NelNet Lawsuit

Thank you for your interest in our Class Action lawsuit against NelNet which you can read more about below. It is important to understand that at this time we are still fighting for the Class to be certified. What this means is that unless and until a class of persons meeting specific requirements is certified by the court, there is nothing for you to join in regards to our lawsuit. When and if the Class is certified, and assuming your circumstances with NelNet meet the approved Class definition, and assuming there is a settlement or verdict in favor of the Class after a trial there is nothing we can do for your specific circumstances at this time.

If you want to pursue an individual lawsuit against NelNet we cannot assist you as we are focused on the nationwide class action we are handling.

We will update this page and our website periodically as progress is made in our Class Action lawsuit.

May 22, 2019

On Wednesday, May 22, 2019, a national class action lawsuit filed by Domina Law Group against one of the country’s largest student loan companies was approved to move forward.

The suit claims Netnet, Inc., headquartered in Lincoln, mismanaged student loans to the detriment of borrowers, breached contracts with the government intended to help those in debt, and made misrepresentations about requirements for favorable loan options.

With potentially tens to hundreds of thousands of individuals impacted by Nelnet’s alleged mismanagement of student loans, the ruling is a victory for student borrowers, and a step toward ensuring fair treatment for those who carry student loan debt – which has become a $1.5 trillion crisis.

Read more about the Nelnet Class Action Lawsuit on this press release.

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