Glyphosate: What It Is & How It Hurts

Glyphosate: What It Is & How It Hurts

Monsanto MeetingSince it was first registered for use in 1974, many in the United States have used glyphosate as an herbicide to kill grass and broadleaf plants. Glyphosate’s sodium salt form is often used to ripen fruit and regulate the growth of plants. Many companies use glyphosate in their products. It prevents a protein creation in most plants that is normally used to promote growth.

Unfortunately, this product has its drawbacks in the agricultural community as exposure has become a major concern. This means that glyphosate is either on the skin, in the eyes, or inhaled. The herbicide can also effect pets who come in contact with plants that have been sprayed with it.

Glyphosate has been used very popular products such as Monsanto Roundup, which has come under a lot of scrutiny lately regarding its potential links to non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The herbicide has been designated as a probable cause for cancer in humans by the World Health Organization.

This should be a large concern to those who use products containing glyphosate as exposure can have potentially fatal consequences.

At Domina Law Group, we are well aware that a number of people have used glyphosate over the years in products such as Roundup. We also know the adverse effects that have occurred as a result of exposure. Our Nebraska injury attorneys have taken action, investigating claims against companies such as Monsanto when people have sustained serious injuries or conditions as a result.

It is our goal to make sure victims are well represented in a court of law so they are not taken advantage of and they can understand their rights and options. If you have questions about glyphosate or believe you have a claim, contact our firm today and learn what we can do to help you move forward in the most positive manner possible.