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Landowners Win 4-0 on Question of Constitutionality - Yet Cloud of Uncertainty Remains on Keystone XL in Nebraska

Nebraska Keystone XL Lawsuit Result

On Friday January 9, 2015, the Nebraska Supreme Court's long anticipated decision on our landowner client lawsuit challenging LB 1161, a law empowering the Governor's grant of eminent domain powers and pipeline route approval to TransCanada, was announced.

At first glance, most press penned headlines the Nebraska KXL question was now behind us and the uncertainty President Obama cited for postponing his Presidential Permit decision was now over. This, however, is not true.

So what is the result of the Nebraska decision? Watch our video to get answers.

Photos approved for your use from the Supreme Court Oral Argument:

Copy of the Supreme Court's 64-page Opinion:

  • Supreme Court Opinion

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