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Nebraskans File Lawsuit Challenging Constitutionality of LB 1161 Related to Pipelines

Nebraskans File Lawsuit Challenging Constitutionality of LB 1161 Related to Pipelines

Three Nebraska landowners filed suit in two Nebraska courts challenging a new state law governing routes for crude oil pipelines and the use of eminent domain for pipeline routes across the State. The Nebraska Legislature's 2012 law, LB 1161 gives the Governor a role in route selection and authority to allow a pipeline company to take land from Nebraskans for pipeline operations. Domina Law Group pc llo serves as legal counsel for the landowners. Copies of the court filings may be read below:

David Domina and Brian Jorde also cautioned landowners against allowing any entry on their land by TransCanada representatives. "They say all they want is a little look, and will give you $500 or so for the privilege. Then they ask you to provide your social security number. What do you suppose they can learn about you once they have the pass key to information about you that most people would never dream is public!", Dave Domina said.

Brian Jorde added, "Everyone knows that in 2012 it is not necessary for them to walk your farm to decide on the pipeline route. It has been flown, photographed, viewed from space, and scrutinized with soil maps, topography maps and every other kind of resource. The goal is to break down barriers and get landowners to say yes the first time because after that it is so much easier to manipulate someone."

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