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The Workplace Must be Safe


Life altering and life ending injuries occur at work. Sometimes, the employee is injured. Other times, a worker from another company is the victim.

Skylights on roofs painted to be nearly invisible, stairs without rails, flights of steps without landings, worn electrical connections, unguarded rotating shafts, and a host of other circumstances give rise to life shattering injuries and wrongful death cases.Domina Law Group pc llo has handled hundreds of them.

“I can recall so vividly investigations of the wreckage of a general aviation aircraft, and actually finding the critical piece that made millions of dollars in eventual difference for our client”, David Domina recalls. “I remember, too well, dismantling the drive shaft from a center pivot irrigation system after a manufacturing flaw in its knuckle dismembered a client, and inspecting augers and hammer mills where horrific injures occurred. I guess we’ve had many different machines in our evidence room over the years – from augers to wrenches, and from electrical boxes to milking machines.”

Domina Law Group pc llo’s work in the area of electrocution injuries ranges from eight-figure personal injury recoveries to investigations that saved families years of anxiety and thousands of dollars of costs because a decision against suit was made. “Both are important services,” Domina said. “Families with injured or killed loved ones must have as much certainty as possible about prospects for a legal claim before it begins. We try very hard to evaluate, and find independent expert support, for cases before we encourage anyone to sue.”

In Nebraska, Domina Law Group pc llo’s experience and history with the courtroom presentation of personal injury and wrongful death cases is extensive. “We take hard cases and make them good ones, and ordinary cases and make them interesting.” Domina contrasted the firm’s personal injury and wrongful death practice with others by saying “we try to make sure there’s no such thing as an ordinary case in our practice. Lurking inside it somewhere, if you look hard enough, is a differentiating fact, a legal question with a need for exploration, a loved one with a special story, or some other way to build it.”

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