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Millard Students' Free Speech Case Going to Trial


Attorney Brian Jorde of Domina Law Group represented the Kuhrs in a case against Millard Public Schools. The suit alleges that Millard violated students' right to free speech. U.S. District Court Jude Laurie Smith-Camp ruled that the three Kuhr children had viable claims, so the case was allowed to proceed to trial. The case began when 26 students at the school wore a T-shirt to commemorate their slain friend. The T-shirts read "Julius RIP." The school administrators suspended these 26 students because they said their shirts could be disruptive.

The article quotes Mr. Jorde: "Essentially, the judge said there's a controversy here that a jury needs to decide, (RIP), it's a pretty universal phrase."

The defendants in this case are the Millard district and Superintendent Keith Lutz. The trial is set for January 24, 2012. To get the whole story, view Millard Students' Free Speech Case Going to Trial.

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