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Domina, Taylor File Final USDA/USDOJ Comments on Fair Market Rules


Economist C Robert Taylor and David A Domina filed their Final Comments on the GIPSA proposed rules to reinvigorate the marketplace for cattle, hogs and poultry. Domina and Taylor's prior work on Market Concentration has been cited in national and international publications. They delivered a rebuttal to the U S General Accounting Office report to the U S Congress a year ago. The GAO report was largely repudiated as a result.

Domina and Taylor are strong advocates for a fair marketplace for producers. Efforts at the USDA/USDOJ Workshops on Poultry and Livestock Markets, attended by the Attorney General and the Secretary of Agriculture, were marked by unsuccessful efforts to assail the work of Dr. Taylor and Mr. Domina. Read their Final Comments here.

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