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State worker cited again for animal neglect


A state employee has received another citation for alleged animal neglect. Blayne Glissman, 54, 5525 Mill Road, was first cited on suspicion of animal cruelty and neglect Monday after authorities allegedly found dead and malnourished animals on his property near U.S. 77 and Mill Road.

A Lancaster County Sheriff’s deputy called to Glissman’s property Monday evening allegedly found some carcasses of sheep, cattle and goats, as well as some sickly looking live animals. A veterinarian who inspected the animals told authorities they were nutrient deficient and had not been properly fed.

On Tuesday around 1 p.m. a deputy was accompanied by Robert Downey, executive director of the Capital Humane Society, to Glissman’s property to evaluate the animals, said Chief Deputy Bill Jarrett.

Glissman, who works for the state department of environmental quality, would not let them onto his property, Jarrett said. However, the deputy and Downey returned around 4 p.m. with a search warrant. Some of the conditions appeared to have changed — the animals’ water troughs had been cleaned and they had fresh food, water and supplements, Jarrett said.

But because of the large number of animal carcasses that allegedly remained on the property, Glissman was cited on suspicion of improper disposal of a carcass, Jarrett said.

In addition, the deputy noticed a white Pyrenees dog that appeared to be neglected, Jarrett said. The dog’s coat was in poor condition, with areas where fur had matted or fallen out, sores were visible and its collar appeared too tight. The dog, who is named Clinton, allegedly had no food or water, Jarrett said. Glissman was cited on suspicion of animal neglect for the dog, and the dog was taken to the humane society, Jarrett said.

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