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Rancher Recovers Verdict


More than three years of contested litigation afflicting a Nebraska Sandhills’ family, came to an end when a jury verdict was returned for Domina Law Group pc llo’s client in Cherry County, Nebraska District Court.

Successful ranching operations, conducted by two brothers who worked all their lives without a partnership agreement, were threatened when one brother died suddenly, and his surviving spouse was unable to get along with the surviving brother.

Eventually, a suit erupted in which the surviving brother, who hired Domina Law Group pc llo, was accused of failing to account for cattle and their proceeds, refusal to surrender timely possession of assets, and damage to the grasses growing on a part of the ranch real estate.

The jury’s verdict returned in July, included findings favorable for Domina Law Group pc llo's client on all issues asserted.

“Our 72 year old client worked his lifetime to be at peace, on a daily basis, on Nebraska Sandhills land. Now, with the trial behind him and the issues decided for him, his family and he can move on with their lives,” Dave Domina said. Domina tried the case to a successful jury verdict on all issues.

July, 2007
David A. DOmina

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