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Arizona Attorney's Fees Dispute Resolved


In 1998, a Nebraska lawyer’s long-time client sustained a dismemberment injury at an Arizona manufacturing plant. The Nebraska lawyer’s efforts on behalf of the client resulted in identification of a viable claim, articulation of a theory of recovery, and focus upon a manufacturer. Domina Law Group, consulted on the case at the time, was unable to assist with the Arizona proceeding then, due to commitments in other matters.

The originating Nebraska lawyer entered into an arrangement with an Arizona law firm to represent the client. As a result, a substantial settlement was achieved without trial, but the Arizona attorney refused to settle on financial matters with the originating Nebraska lawyer.

Domina Law Group was again called upon by the Nebraska lawyer to bring suit against the Arizona lawyer. The case, set for trial in June in United States District Court in Phoenix, was finally settled as the jury was empanelled.

Domina Law Group’s efforts allowed its client to achieve an appropriate, long-delayed resolution of the unbecoming fee dispute.

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