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Nebraska Agricultural Law Attorney

Agriculture is big business. It involves huge sums of money and enormous risks.

There is no greater quantity of science in any area of business than in food production. Food production involves genetics, breeding, differential medical diagnoses, prescription and treatment with chemicals, nutrition, herd health, crop health, water purity, soil pollution, complex chemistry, and an array of complex regulations involving crops, milk, meat, vegetables, fruit, and nuts, and other regulatory issues.

Are you a corn seller or producer? You may be entitled to compensation. ​Learn more about Syngenta claims.

Our Nebraska trial lawyers' agricultural work includes:

  • Crop loss due to misapplication and formulation of chemicals
  • Insurance claims due to denial of insurance coverage
  • Administrative law cases under USDA rules
  • Antitrust cases involving market manipulation
  • Product liability claims
  • Negligence, personal injury, wrongful death
  • Environmental concerns related to CAFO's
  • Water use and water rights
  • Nuisance cases
  • Landowner rights and eminent domain matters

We have helped people injured or killed by rotating shafts, broken machines, errant combines, tractors, and other vehicles, and related medical and chemical problems. We understand crops. We understand and appreciate commodity markets. We are consulted by producers across the Midwest with issues related to forward contracts, forward sales, naked positions, unauthorized trades, defective confirmations, unauthorized margin calls, unauthorized margin trading, and related problems.

Our Nebraska agricultural trial work includes some of the biggest cases on the national agricultural scene, along with major pronouncements for Midwestern farmers. These are examples:

  • Domina Law Group fights on behalf of farmers in groundwater pumping issues - Underground pumping causes issues for farmers and their fields.
  • Domina Law Group represents farmers in lawsuit over water usage rights - Battle over farmers' right to compensation for water taken under Republican River Compact.
  • Pickett et al. v. Tyson Fresh Meats, Inc. Beef packer antitrust case. $1.268 billion jury verdict (taken away by Court of Appeals).
  • Lesiak v. Central Valley Ag., State Supreme Court decision holding farmer has a right to sue a seller of a complete crop plan for negligence where the service is essential to make the seed or fertilizer worthwhile.
  • Peterson v. North Am Plant Breeders, holding that the doctrine of implied warranty does not require privity of contract.
  • Davids v. Regal Machine Co., major after-market products liability personal injury establishing scope of after-market manufacturer's responsibility for component part.
  • Thompson v. Heineman, District Court ruling against international pipeline company, favoring local property owner rights in condemnation cases.

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