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TransCanada Cancels Proposed Energy East Pipeline Project

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TransCanada cancelled their proposed $15 billion Energy East pipeline project on Thursday, October 5.

While the Canadian energy sector is working to increase their pipeline capacity in order to diversify its reliance on the United States for energy exports, the Alberta-based company scrapped their project after the National Energy Board (NEB) announced they were expanding their review of the projects in August of this year.

“This is an important day in the fight against climate change in Canada,” wrote Senior Advisor at Oil Change International Adam Scott in response to TransCanada’s announcement. “Realizing that Energy East would never would never be allowed if its full climate impact was accounted for, TransCanada has walked away from the project… Oil Change International estimates its construction would have created up to an additional 236 million tons of carbon pollution each year, multiplied over decades of operation.”

While this does not immediately affect the Keystone XL Pipeline, it does indicate that tarsand oil is not a viable option. At The Domina Law Group, we remain committed to fighting for the rights of the landowners living in the proposed path of the pipeline, and we remain committed to fighting to protect our state from potentially devastating oil spills.

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