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Celebrating Senator Ernie Chambers' 80th Birthday


On May 23, people came together to celebrate Senator Ernie Chambers’ 80th upcoming July birthday. The event was held to coincide with the end of Legislative session and bring people together to celebrate the accomplishments of this great man. David Domina had this to say about Senator Chambers:

Celebrating Senator Ernie Chambers' 80th Birthday

David Domina congratulates Senator Chambers.

“For longer than four decades, Sen. Ernie Chambers has been the "2nd house" of the Nebraska Legislature. He has accomplished exactly what the second house is supposed to accomplish: slow matters down, force more debate, work harder to compromise, get to more intelligent solutions.

He has endured name-calling, racial epithets, and scorn from the impatient interests that would prefer legislating in a rush.

For every one of his many successes, and even for every time he has been the victim of slurs and epithets, Sen. Chambers has slowed, stopped and improved 1000 things.

For this, every Nebraskan owes Ernie Chambers, a debt of immeasurable dimension for all the bad he has prevented and all the good he has accomplished.”

Celebrating Senator Ernie Chambers' 80th Birthday

Senator Chambers surrounded by friends and birthday guests.

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