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Sanders Warned of Keystone XL Pipeline Project Years Ago


LandRoughly five years ago, Bernie Sanders along with Senators Patrick Leahy and Ron Wyden sent a letter to then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The letter contained a warning to the State Department regarding the decision to select Cardno Entrix to conduct the environmental review of TransCanada’s Keystone Pipeline XL project’s safety.

Cardno Entrix was requested to perform the environmental impact review of the tar sands pipeline. The conflict of interest arose when the firm had previously had TransCanada list as a major client.

In November, President Obama rejected the project and later rejected TransCanada’s ploy to delay the President’s administration’s review of the project.

Other concerns were brought up in 2011 by the Environmental Protection Agency who were worried about the possibility of an oil spill that would taint the drinking water and sensitive ecosystems. They also had concerns regarding how greenhouse gas emissions would affect the environment.

In his letter to Clinton, Sanders cited concerns over the ties that Cardno Entrix had with TransCanada and the fact that the firm had been selected to review the safety of the pipeline. It was a worry that they would be bias in their decision.

At Domina Law Group, we believe that landowners should be protected and projects like the TransCanada Keystone XL Pipeline can put this in jeopardy. Our lawyers have been following this case for quite some time. We know what steps have been taken by all parties involved and we remain ready to protect the rights of our clients should they be affected by the project.

If you are concerned about the TransCanada Keystone XL Pipeline project and feel you may need legal counsel, don’t hesitate to call our firm. We can explain the case to you and help you understand your rights.

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