Domina Represents Irrigators in Second Legal Battle Against State

Domina Represents Irrigators in Second Legal Battle Against State

Republican River NebraskaAttorney David Domina has filed a new lawsuit on behalf of a group of farmers who get their water from the Frenchman Cambridge Irrigation District.

Last Friday, Dave Domina filed a lawsuit on behalf of surface irrigators against the state of Nebraska and the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources. The lawsuit is the second of its kind, and seeks compensation for the water that the state withheld from them.

The lawsuit does not deny the state’s right to take that water, but rather seeks financial compensation for the withheld water.

The water in question was withheld from farmers back in 2013. The state agency closed surface water storage along the Republican River and surrounding tributaries when farmers needed that water the most, a fact the state does not deny. The state made that move in order to remain in compliance with the Republican River Compact of 1943.

The state attempted to get the case dismissed, but that motion was denied by the Furnas County District Court. If you would like more information about this story, read it in the Hastings Tribune.