UNL Invites Dave Domina to Speak on the Changing Face of Agriculture

UNL Invites Dave Domina to Speak on the Changing Face of Agriculture

Attorney Dave Domina was invited to speak at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln this Friday, February 20 on the changing face of agriculture law.

This Friday, February 20, Attorney Dave Domina will give a speech on "Consolidation, Merger, Market Domination and Agriculture's Changing Face" at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The presentation will take place at 2:00pm in Hardin Hall auditorium.

UNL invited Domina to give this presentation because he "has a unique perspective to guide our thinking about landscapes in Nebraska," according to Larkin Powell, professor at UNL's School of Natural Resources.

Domina's legal work has earned him recognition as the landowner's attorney. As a Nebraska native and someone who has represented landowners in countless legal battles, Domina is intimately acquainted with these issues.

He understands that issues important to farmers and conservationist's concerns are two sides of the same coin. Domina's work aims to bridge the perceived gap between the two, and his seminar will get those in attendance thinking about the bigger picture – how market forces in the agriculture industry can have massive implications for Nebraska farms and ranches.

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