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Military Mother Sues US Government for Prenatal Negligence


A woman in Nebraska is suing the US Government for prenatal negligence and the injuries her baby sustained during labor. Because her husband was on active duty at the time, serving as Captain in the US army, the plaintiff was ushered to a Fort Knox hospital, where the employers and facilities were owned and directed by the federal government.

Because of the severity of the injuries sustained by her daughter, the mother is demanding $5 million dollars in reparation.

The plaintiff wants compensation for:

  • The brain damage her daughter endured during labor
  • The medical expenses that were acquired during her treatment and any future medical expenditures needed to care for her daughter
  • Loss of income
  • The permanent damage to her earning capability

The plaintiff was brought into Ireland Army Community Hospital in Fort Knox on June 2nd, 2010. Her labor lasted from 3:40am through 5:11pm. During the 13 plus hours of labor, the mother asserts that she was not given the diligent care necessary for child birth. She alleges that before her labor, the physicians failed to examine her prenatal health properly. And during the labor, the baby suffered birth asphyxia, a condition where the infant does not receive enough oxygen to their body, leading to temporary or permanent damage. Because of the hypoxia, the child developed severe birth injuries such as intracerebral hemorrhage and interventricular hemorrhage.

The military mother accuses the hospital of the following:

  • Failing to monitor her charts during labor properly
  • Failing to offer the appropriate prenatal examination and care
  • Not performing a C-section when they knew, or should have known, the baby was in distress
  • Not caring for her properly through the labor
  • Not reading the heart monitor correctly for the mom
  • Not detecting the baby was in respiratory failure and was hypoxic for a prolonged time period

The mother claims that, because of negligence, her daughter sustained significant injuries that will she will have for the rest of her life. Because she believes the US government failed her and her child, the plaintiff is seeking compensation.

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