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Domina Law Group Observes HIE Awareness Month


Domina Law Group has handled many complex and difficult cases in courtrooms throughout country over preventable injuries. Those involving birth injuries and brain damage like Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy are unquestionably some of the most incalculably profound.

Because HIE is a life-altering diagnosis, support and solidarity become invaluable to families facing difficult times and uncertain futures. For this reason, April has been deemed a month of observance for HIE awareness.

Our Omaha Trial Attorneys and entire legal staff proudly support HIE Awareness Month, and the work being done to support families across the world seeking support, connection, and greater understanding of its far-reaching repercussions.

HIE Awareness Month 2019: “Hope Never Ends”

HOPE for HIE, a non-profit run entirely by volunteers, has made the theme for this year’s awareness month: “Hope Never Ends.” The campaign is intended to expand awareness, education, and support for HIE, and sends a powerful message to families that they do not have to face HIE alone.

Whether you’re a family facing similar circumstances, or simply someone who wants to show your support, there are many ways to get involved:

  • Using social media like Twitter and Facebook to share HIE Awareness Month material, educational posts, and graphics from HOPE for HIE;
  • Attending or organizing local events and activities which spread awareness about HIE and how communities can get involved
  • Volunteering your time or resources to supporting HOPE for HIE in furthering its mission to help families worldwide;
  • Using a variety of free informational tools, printable materials, and resources from HOPE for HIE online or offline;

Visit the HIE Awareness Month webpage to find materials and tools you can use this month, and to learn more about HOPE for HIE’s work.

Domina Law Group: Proven Attorneys, Proud Advocates

As Trial Lawyers who have fought for victims and families for many years, Domina Law Group is grateful for the many clients who have placed their trust in our team during the most difficult of times. In return, we proudly support local, national, and international efforts to support the very same clients, communities, and causes we fight for in the courtroom.

If you have questions related to birth injuries, medical malpractice, or another civil injury matter, call (888) 387-4134 or contact us online.

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