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Settlement Finally Reached for Largest Inland Oil Spill in US History

Talmadge Creek 2010 Spill Largest in US History

Although a federal judge still needs to approve it to make it official, Enbridge has finally reached a settlement with the class of people affected by the 2010 pipeline leak along the Kalamazoo River. The settlement would provide compensation to affected people living within 1,000 feet of the stretch of river affected by the leak. The settlement would also go toward various community organizations, river-related recreational programs, and other individuals who may have incurred losses because of the leak.

What you need to know about the Kalamazoo River oil spill of 2010 –

  • The spill was caused by a leak in the pipeline, much like the pipeline TransCanada is attempting to build through Nebraska.
  • The 2010 spill was the largest of its kind in U.S. history.
  • Residents living closes to the river will receive a higher amount of compensation.
  • The total amount of the settlement was not disclosed.
  • It cost approximately $85.9 million to clean up the river and creek after the spill.

If this sounds familiar, it is because what happened at Talmadge Creek is exactly what many Nebraskans fear might happen to them should TransCanada be allowed to construct its Keystone XL pipeline through their backyards.

The Nebraska Supreme Court could announce its decision on Thompson v. Heineman as early as tomorrow. Nebraskans are waiting to hear whether or not the high court sides with the Lancaster County court that LB 1161 (the bill that allowed Gov. Heineman to bypass the Public Service Commission and approve the KXL's route) is unconstitutional.

Much hinges on this decision. Stay tuned.

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