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Commonwealth Savings Collapse, 30 Years Later


In 1983, Attorney David Domina was appointed Chief Investigator in the Commonwealth Savings Co. Collapse and investigation into then-Attorney General Paul L. Douglas. In 1984, Douglas was impeached. Now, nearly 30 years later, Mr. Domina says that there are still lessons to be learned from the Commonwealth/Douglas case.

"The state Legislature must be reflective about the laws it passes," said Domina. "Political whim, or the flavor of the month, must be resisted. The Depository Insurance Guarantee Act was such a law.

This case was a prime example of the abuse of governmental powers. In an article published by the Lincoln Journal Star, Domina urged citizens to be vigilant and constantly on their guard so that they can notice and take action when corruption like this has taken place. Politicians and others in positions of power must be held accountable.

Lincoln Journal Star article: Lessons linger 30 years after Commonwealth Savings collapse

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