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CNBC Article Shows Strength of NEAT and Landowners Standing Strong


A recent article on CNBC highlights the strength of the Nebraska Easement Action Team (NEAT) and how Nebraska landowners are standing strong in the fight against oil giant TransCanada. In the article, David Domina explains that when Keystone XL pipeline easement negotiations were first beginning, landowners were "offended" by how low the offers were. TransCanada offered one landowner a mere $100 for a half-mile. Now, TransCanada is offering up to $350,000 for some easement agreements. While representatives of TransCanada seem to think the negotiations are going well, in reality, only 35 percent of Nebraska landowners affected by the pipeline have accepted TransCanada's easement offers. Nebraskans have property rights and they won't give those up to a foreign oil company without a fight.

To read the article in full, visit "The Other Keystone Fight: U.S. Landowners vs. Canada Oil Giant"

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