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Jury Finds Against Charity Awards Judgment for Domina Law Group pc llo Client


A northeast Nebraska jury told a local YMCA it would not be permitted to get away with improprieties simply because of its status. Despite a $7.5 million building campaign and a high-visibility new structure in its community, the Y will pay a judgment for converting the property of small business owners.

Domina Law Group pc llo’s trial group presented evidence to a jury establishing that YMCA officials directed the removal of business equipment and records from a gymnastics business in a building the Y wanted to use for a day camp. The structure was rented from the local municipality by Domina Law Group pc llo’s client.

“The conversion of assets occurred during the off–season,” explained Brian Jorde of Domina Law Group pc llo. “When our clients learned what had occurred, they had no way to recover and lost a full season of their business.”

Police work by the victims and friends involved in law enforcement traced the goods to the YMCA’s possession where they were “stored” in a basement stairwell. Y officials denied knowledge of the matter initially, and then confessed the occurrence.

The jury’s verdict returned the value of the stolen goods, an award for lost business records, and damages for lost profits for the business year disrupted. Domina Law Group pc llo’s trial group recovered an award for our clients nearly four times the Y’s final settlement offer.

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