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Lessons Learned from the Hergert Impeachment Trial


The David Hergert impeachment trial is coming to a close, and many Nebraskans are wondering whether or not at least five of the seven Nebraska Supreme Court justices will agree that Hergert is guilty of any or all of his ten charges:

  • False oath of office
  • Mail fraud
  • Two counts of false reporting
  • Two counts of obstructing government operations
  • Violation of the Campaign Finance Limitations Act
  • Three counts of violation of the Nebraska Political Accountability and Disclosure Act

Hergert himself admitted just months after taking office that he violated Nebraska campaigning laws, but quickly settled with $33,512. Attorney David Domina, representing the Nebraska legislature, has built his case against Hergert by claiming and attempting to prove that Hergert had a pattern of lying during his 2004 campaign and eventual election. This article explains what voters can do to be better judges of a candidate's character.

Read the full article in the McCook Daily Gazette titled "Learning lessons from the Hergert impeachment trial."

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