Jury Returns Verdict for NFL Veteran and DLGpc Client

Jury Returns Verdict for NFL Veteran and DLGpc Client

It took four years but a nightmare that started with his father's untimely death, finally ended September 19 for a veteran NFL star from Nebraska. A Nebraska jury turned back nearly all the claims asserted against the well respected football veteran, and passed on to a third party much of the remainder.

David Domina and Claudia Stringfield Johnson provided guidance, and trial counsel throughout the ordeal for the greater Nebraska native, and veteran of three Super Bowl games. A six day trial produced the favorable verdict.

"Our client and his father bought a business, signed a contract and notes, but we proved the resulting business failure led to a settlement of claims". Dave Domina, said the jury's verdict "was for a part of what we argued could be justly passed on to a third party who we claimed interfered with final completion of the settlement."

Domina declined to name his law firm's client. So did Claudia Stringfield Johnson who participated in all stages of the case with Domina. "Anyone who knows our client, knows he is a remarkably nice and sincere man. We are so pleased this is over for him and his family."

September 22, 2005
David A. Domina

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