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Malicious Prosecution Verdict Redresses Oppressive Lawsuit Litigation Tactic


David Domina had no choice but to tell the Firm's Wisconsin client the statute of limitations made a suit against her uncle impossible. More than 25 years passed between the uncle's memory - refreshing acts of aggression and his sexual misconduct against the client. Though no legal recourse was available, the client was at liberty to, and able to, tell her immediate family members what had occurred to her as a child. When she did so, and word of her "coming out" reached the uncle, he did something foolish.

The perpetrator sued the victim, alleging her statements about his sexual aggression against her as a little girl were false. The uncle filed a liable, slander and invasion of privacy suit against his victim.

Of course, the uncle's suit had no merit. He knew this when he filed the case, but chose a "slap suit" tactic to try to silence her.

At trial in August 2005, a federal jury heard Domina Law Group pc llo's client was terrorized by the suit and fearful of the legal process. No evidence of "special damages" or out-of-pocket expenses was presented, but the victimization process was enough. The jury returned its verdict in favor of Domina Law Group pc llo's client for $200,000.

A year earlier, in August 2004, a Nebraska state court jury returned a separate verdict in favor of the same client, and against the same uncle. That suit, predicated on the uncle's harassive telephone calls preceded his slap suit, and produced a verdict of $150,000 for the DLGpc client.

"Perhaps this man will finally get - and learn he is to leave our client alone," Dave Domina said. "If he doesn't, he can expect to be hauled to the bar of a courtroom again."

August 31, 2005
David A. Domina

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