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Domina Submits Major Paper on Changing Needs of Clients


David Domina commonly speaks to lawyer groups on trial practice matters. But, his next presentation will be different. "I have written a somewhat significant paper on the Midwest's demographic and economic changes. My goal is to get lawyers to focus on new claims to help independent business people stay in business. The box stores and overseas cheap labor manufacturers have to be dealt with," Domina said.

Domina's paper and address to a Nebraska Ass'n of Trial Attorneys focuses on the Midwest's economic decline during prosperity elsewhere. He urges other lawyers with trial practices to eschew traditional remedies for a diminishing type of traditional cases. Domina says "now, our clients need our help to stay in business. We need to invest in antitrust remedies, unfair competition solutions, and opportunity-creating business ventures to advance our clients' rights" he said.

Domina's paper may be viewed at The Changing Role of the Plaintiffs' Bar.

September 22, 2005
David A. Domina

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