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Insurance Bad Faith Verdict


Domina Law pc ’s efforts to pursue an appropriate resolution of an insurance coverage issue for a manufacturing client resulted in remarkable favorable jury verdict, and a finding of insurance bad faith. The verdict, returned August 5, 2004, in U.S. District Court in Nebraska, found that Hartford Steam Boiler and Inspection Company had acted improperly when it failed to properly investigate and adjust Domina Law pc ’s clients’ plant-closing boiler failure.

The Domina Law pc client, preferring not to be mentioned in this announcement, recovered a verdict for more than 135 times the amount offered by the insurance company to adjust the claim prior to suit. Seven days of trial, followed by more than a dozen depositions and a half dozen trips to distant locations for evidence gathering, included the jury’s specific finding, and financial award for the company’s bad faith.

David Domina, commenting on the verdict, observed, “Family businesses face all kinds of problems without being compelled to fight their own insurance companies. We were pleased to be able to help bring an appropriate end to an inappropriate course of conduct by this insurer.

September 1 , 2004

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