Flooring Suit Filed for Omaha Company

Flooring Suit Filed for Omaha Company

An Omaha food processing company filed suit in State District Court on November 10 to recover losses sustained by chemicals emitted from commercially installed flooring materials. Domina Law Group pc llo was engaged to handle the case.

"Suit has been filed early to protect our client and its customers against escalated losses" David Domina said. "Our client is a long-term, well regarded food processing company. Its USDA regulated plant has a strong reputation and a great compliance record. Our client wants to protect its customers as well as itself."

Domina Law Group pc llo's suit was filed against a commercial flooring company, an epoxy manufacturer and an installation company. The floor was an "overpour" to replace the surface beneath the client's fabrication line. Domina said tests showed that "two identified" chemicals traced to the flooring are suspected as having "been absorbed into" the processed food products causing and unpalatable taste.

Domina said "We have no evidence of any risk to consumers, but there is no question the processed products through the plant just after the floor was installed have not been acceptable to customers." The suit asserts that the defendants were negligent, breached warranties, and are strictly liable for the flooring and the chemicals it emitted.

November 14, 2005
David A. Domina

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